Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Boxcar Children Bookmark

My niece Elsa turned 8 in March

I didn't want to give her another one of the millions of dolls that are out there (Bratz, Monster High, Liv..they're all the same to me)  or any other crap toy gift 

I wanted something that was somewhat educational....and possibly something nostalgic for me

That's when I decided on getting her the first 10 books from the The Boxcar Children series

The good news is....so far she loves them!  Which makes me super happy considering how much I LOVED them at the same age

Naturally she needed a cool bookmark to go with it right? And you know how much I love a good theme....that meant a boxcar bookmark for sure

I was busy cooking for a BBQ so The Boy is the master behind this bookmark.  It's just red card stock cut to the shape, black sharpie to draw on the details, silver sharpie for the wheels, and white acrylic paint for the letters.  All "laminated" using packing tape

I'm pretty jealous of her American Girl doll....that's one thing that hasn't changed since I was a kid.  They were big when I was little and they've only gotten bigger and better (with more accessories) now.  I remember looking through the magazines for hours....nut sadly I never owned one......Sigh.....


Back to the bookmark.  I think it would be cool to make a themed bookmark anytime your kid gets into a book serious. At any age....Babysitters Club, Harry Potter, Hunger Games....you name it!

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