Saturday, December 29, 2012

Milk Jug Snoopy Porch Decoration

Isn't it funny how you shop shop shop at Christmas time...and then sometimes the littlest cheapest things turn out to be the BEST gifts!

My niece Brooke LOVES Snoopy so Christmas at the Jackson residence has sort of turned Snoopy themed

They have a cute Snoopy "Merry Christmas" yard sign outside so I wanted to give them something cute to add to the mix

Save yourself a couple of milk jugs and clean them out real takes a few rinses

Ask me how I know that

 After 2 rinses it looked perfectly clean but when I took a big deep whiff  I gagged one of those gags that feels like it starts at your pelvis bones.... YUCKA!

So save yourself the potential barf session and avoid sniffing it until about 3 rinses

Somebody told me after the fact that if you let it dry in the sun it gets rid of the smell maybe go that route

Cut the top off one jug and color the cap of the other with a black sharpie for his nose

Hot glue the one with the nose on top of the other, handle facing up

And just that quickly you can already see him coming together

I bought a beanie from the dollar store, but I wanted him to have a pom pom style I made my own

(sorry for the crappy pictures)

Take a 2 inch wide piece of cardboard and start wrapping around it with yarn until you have a pretty thick bundle.  Just imagine in your head how big you want the pom pom to be and kind of guess

Carefully slide the entire bundle off the cardboard keeping it all together the best you can

In the middle I put on a twisty tie, but you could also just tie it off tightly with another piece of yarn

Cut through the loops of yarn on each end

Trim it up to make a uniform ball shape

I didn't take pictures of the rest of the process but it's pretty straight forward

I hot glued the pom to the top of the beanie and stuffed the end of the beanie a bit with batting to make it stand up a little and not fall flat

Cut out ear shapes out of black felt and glue them to the sides of the head, then glue on the beanie all the way around

I glued on some googly eyes and wrapped him in a scarf I had my mom crochet (crocheting is on my list of things to learn)

The finishing touch was a pair of ear muffs I found on a whim...I think it really makes it!

And here he is

Isn't he cute?  I think I was just so in love with him I didn't even notice his ear muffs were all caddywompus.  So I apologize for his disheveled appearance.   Sorry Snoopy

Well....I do have one pic from my phone where he is put together like a proper gentleman....but he's on our ironing board....sitting next to the bottle of Renuzit....awesome

There ya have it folks

It was my favorite Christmas gift I made and it cost me 2 bucks and some change

I was so happy they seemed to love it as much as I did

I was really shocked at how much my brother inlaw liked was cool!

Now I want to make a whole litter of Snoopies....maybe I gotta figure out some Woodstocks too?

Ohhh the possibilitie!

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