Tuesday, June 26, 2012

4th of July Decor

Someday I want my house to be the one on the block with the flag waving, the pinwheels in the ground, and these these swags hung from anything I can possibly hang them from.....ANYTHING!

I want to be like this house here....but like x1000 

 Yep...it's a dream I have.  But it may take some time for me to get there...like maybe owning a house first.....so I'm starting small

Like this little dealio here

99c only always has terra cotta pots.  So I got one and painted it white with some leftover primer I had.  Then I taped it off to create stripes

 Then I painted the top rim blue.  I tried using a stencil to paint on some white stars but that turned out to be a hot mess.  Maybe its just me though...I dunno.  
I had to cover over it with more blue and now I'm on the look out for some stickers or something to use instead.

Unless somebody out there can tell me how to paint on stars without it looking like a preschool project. No hate on the preschool art though....they make some snazzy stuff!

 Then I just filled it up with red crinkle paper from the ole Dollar Tree and star picks and flowers from Michaels. 

It would make a good centerpiece for your table, or you can put it by the front door like I do.   

I choose to believe Uncle Sam himself would be quite proud.  

So proud in fact, that he would tell me...........

Will do Uncle Sam.  Will do.

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