Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Personalized House Ornament

So my dear seester Kinsey and her boyfriend (now fiance..woot woot!) bought a house and moved in in mid January.

As a housewarming/ late Christmas gift I made them an ornament to look like their new homestead.  Since it was past Christmas time I never blogged about it....that is until now

It's pretty simple...I started out by cutting pieces of felt out to look like the house and layering them with hot glue to hold them in place.  I used stitches for windows and to replicate the panel look of the garage

It was cute but needed a little more dimension.   So I cut a piece of poster board (or use cardstock) and folded it in half

Then glued the house to the top part, and created a yard and driveway for the bottom

Glue on some ribbon and you have yourself an ornament

It looks super cute on the tree

Here's a side by side (or I guess top to bottom??) so you can see the inspiration

Makes for a quick and easy gift that's both thoughtful and personalized.  And you could make it for most anyone because I don't think there too many people out their with ornaments of their house....unless of  course I've missed a trend?   

I might just have to make one for everybody on my list this Christmas

Great......  Now everyone will know what I'm giving them this year.  Then again they have 5 months to forget


  1. I seriously love things that look like houses. I guess that happens when you finally have one. this is so stinking cute.

  2. Very cute, I'm sure they will always treasure this ornament! Found your link on The Pin Junkie!

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