Monday, July 15, 2013

MoMo Monday Week #13

WARNING:  This weeks MoMo Monday post may be a bit graphic for those who are grossed out by the subject of poo.....and buttholes. I suggest you stop reading if you are one of those people

But for the rest of on =)

As everyone knows, cats LOVE string and ribbons of all kind.  Which can be sort of problematic when you're a crafter....there is temptation everywhere.  No matter how hard I try to keep it out of reach she will find some way to get her little paws on some of my supplies.  Especially during the night when I'm asleep

One morning, I woke up and as usual I stumbled sleepily out of my room.  MoMo came to greet me in the hall and turned to run towards the kitchen for breakfast.  As she was running something caught my eye

Upon further inspection, this is what I found.  A piece of blue gift ribbon hanging out of her little booty

Half asleep I was forced to glove up, hold her down, and pull the ribbon right out of her ass.  Lovely right?  Poor kiddo was not a fan

Motherhood sure does force you to do things you never expected doesn't it?  At least I'll be prepared for the next time it happens....something tells me there WILL be a next time

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