Monday, July 29, 2013

MoMo Monday Week #15

I have this fear......that one day by accident MoMo will get tumbled in our dryer


Because MoMo loves to climb into the dryer and hang out.  I know your probably could you possibly start the dryer without knowing she's there? But it's MoMo doesn't speak up.  

Like most people, I just open the dryer door (usually it's already open a crack) and start throwing clothes in.  It's not like I inspect it every time.  It's happened TWICE now that as I'm throwing the clothes in...right as I'm done and about to shut the door and hit the Start button....I hear a faint jingle.

MoMo had been laying in the dryer and I was just piling clothes on top of her.  Through all that she never felt the need to make a peep.  Come on MoMo??  Maybe a little meow to give me a heads up?  Really??

So now I live in dryer fear.  And I've had a few's great.

I do love it though when I call for her and I hear the creak of the dryer slowly swings open...and she climbs out.
So stinkin cute

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