Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Christmas Photo Props

Back in Christmas 2011 I was on a real photo prop kick.  My wedding had just passed in November and I had made a bunch of photo props for my reception which you can check out here and I wasn't ready to quit the prop madness just yet

I hosted Christmas at my house that year so I thought the kiddos (and me of course) might enjoy some Christmas themed photo props.  So Christmas Eve I was up all night doing my usual....wrapping presents, baking Christmas crumb cake, simmering posole, and then just to make things more hectic....making the props

Luckily it's a super quick and easy project.  Just cut your shapes out of craft foam and hot glue them to wooden dowels.....easy peasy

The kids really liked them and it made for some good pictures. Here's Brooke as Rudolph....hoof in the air

Elsa as Santa Clause.....she looks super confused and her hat is falling off

And Katie....the big girl whose never too cool for a Rudolph nose

Apparently nobody wanted to be the snowman with a carrot nose?  Or maybe I just don't have any pictures??

The cool thing is you can keep these year after year to get some real use out of them.  I think this year I may add on to the collection with some elf ears and hat and maybe some reindeer antlers.  We'll see if I get around to it before 3am Christmas morning this time around

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