Sunday, July 28, 2013

Using Old Christmas Cards

There's lots of different things you could do with all those Christmas cards you receive.  There's the obvious one where you keep them....maybe put them into a keepsake box or even make an album.

I've seen that some people cut them up and create their own Christmas tags....also a genius idea.  And then there's the one I came up with....turn it into a Christmas deco ration

I received a card that was from A Christmas of the best movies of all time!  It was way to cool to put in a box or throw away so I decided to frame it

It's so simple I didn't take any pictures...but I just bought a dollar store frame and painted it green.  then went over it in 2 coats of green glitter paint (using only 2 coats shows serious restraint on my end)  Then put your card in it.  This card was large so I cut it to size, but if your card is small you could always mat it to cardstock or a piece of paper before framing

That's it!

This about sums up our Christmas In July Week.  Hope you got some ideas rolling around for the holiday season ahead

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