Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Disney Vacation Goody Bags

A couple days ago I shared with you my second version of  a Disney Vacation Countdown and told you all about how my sister and her family are going this week.  And maybe I told you a little bit about how I'm a super jealous and bitter bitch.....just a little

It was the perfect excuse for me to put together Disney themed goody bags for the girls to take with them.  This gave me the opportunity to combine 2 things I love in this world, a theme, and stockings.

I know you're thinking "What??  Stockings??  What does that have to do with vacation?"

Let me explain.  I have a deep passion for Christmas stockings.  I love to put together all sorts of fun little things in one package and all the fun that comes with opening each and every little thing.  Not that big nice presents aren't great, but I just really love an assortment of little novelty things.  So essentially putting these bags together for them was just like putting together a stocking....only Disney style! Pretty sweet right?

First came every Disney thing I could possibly find in the dollar store. This included carved bath soaps, hand sanitzer, wipes, bath sponges, water bottles, hand warmers, tissues, socks, and some tins that originally held cotton swabs but I took them out and filled them with mints instead.  I thought ut was a good mix of things for the car ride (snacks) at the hotel, (soap, sponges) and in the park (mints, sanitizer, tissues)

 Some snacks of course


And a bunch of glow toys.  Hopefully enough to get them through one night at the parade and one night at World of Color

All this loot divided between 2 girls meant one bag looked something like this

I originally wanted to make them their own little backpacks to put it all in but when I had a hard time finding drawstring bags I decided to just hand down the ones me and The Boy used on our vacation last year.  You can read the post on them HERE

The girls loved them!  Here's a picture my sister took of them playing up the "grateful angel" look lol

 Now I'm going to go crawl into bed and cry myself to sleep that I'm not going with them.  Please excuse me

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