Monday, November 18, 2013

MoMo Monday- A Day in the Life of MoMo the Cat

6:30 am: Sit outside the bathroom door while daddy gets ready for work

7:00 am: Meow at him pathetically when he nearly steps on me even though I'm sitting in the worst spot ever

8:00 am: Meow at mommy until she wakes up and feeds me

8:15 am: Meow some more until she gives me wet food instead of the dry crap. Make a big mess while eating

8:30 am: Drink waaaaay too much water waaaay too fast after eating

9:00 am: Puke into water bowl

9:30 am: Shower

10:00: Lounge

10:30 am: Get into a fight with the area rug.

10:40 am: Win!!!

11:00: Poop

11:30 am: Sun bathe

12 pm: Pee.  Kick half the litter out of my box in the process

12:30 pm: Take a bath

1 pm: Nap

1:30 pm: Find paper to lay on

2 pm: Eat a snack

2:15 pm:  Puke half on the carpet and half on the kitchen linoleum. Do not, I repeat DO NOT move forward the 2 inches I would have to to make it all land on the easily wipeable surface

2:30 pm: Fix my hair

3 pm: Relax

3:30 pm: Drink out of the toilet even though I have a perfectly good water fountain of my very own

4 pm: Look adorable

5 pm: Sit in a box

6 pm: Doze 

6:30 pm: Get a drink of water without ever actually getting up

6:45 pm: Check the cuteness levels in the house, adjust if necessary

7:00 pm: Lay down on mommy or daddy at the most inconvenient time ever

7:30 pm: Sit on the lap top

8:00 pm: Demand a chin scratching session

8:30 pm: Evening snack. (aka whatever I can sneak off mommy and daddy's plate)

8:45 pm: Drink out of Mom or Dads cup even though my water fountain is RIGHT THERE

9:00 pm: Poop and pee while kicking out even more litter in attempt to make up for the litter mommy just swept up off the floor

10:00 pm: Lay with my parents until we all fall asleep

As you can see MoMo has a VERY busy day.  Just jam packed without a minute to spare. It's tough being a cat!

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