Thursday, November 14, 2013

Low Carb Chicken Zoodle Soup

If you're looking for all the same great flavors and cozy feelings that come with a big bowl of chicken noodle soup but without the gluten and carb gut....I have exactly that. Chicken zoodle soup!

If you're already following a low carb or gluten free life style you've most likely heard of or even made zucchini noodles before....but if you haven't now is your chance

You can make your zoodles using a julienne peeler, a spiral slicer, or a mandolin slicer


Whip up a pot of your favorite chicken soup.  I had some homemade broth in the freezer and emptied out my fridge of all my vegetables that were walking the line of floppy and wrinkly...onions, yellow bell pepper, a little carrot, and celery.  Along with some garlic, diced chicken, and a bay leaf I had a pot of steaming deliciousness.

Since my zoodles were so thin I didn't want to risk throwing them into the pot with the rest of the stuff and risk them turning to mush and losing all their texture

Sooo.....I decided to put a handful of the raw zoodles at the bottom of my bowl and ladled the steamy chicken soup on top and let it sit for a few minutes before I ate it to let them cook a bit without going to mush. It worked out perfectly. Another way you could do it could be to lightly saute them in a pan and then add them to your bowl 

My favorite way to eat my chicken soup is to eat it sort of Pho style with lots of condiments. Here I added sriracha, cilantro, green onion, and a little bit of soy (or coconut aminos)

 All mixed up and delicious

I wish I had bean sprouts on hand too...would have made it even better

I seriously didn't miss the pasta....and I'm not just saying that


  1. I LOVE zucchini "pasta", but had never thought of using them in soup- thanks so much!!

  2. How many carbs is this o the atkins diet. Im carb counting. Thanks :-)