Sunday, April 7, 2013

Monster High Party Decorations

As I said in a previous post, our family experience March Madness in terms of birthdays.  We have one nieces birthday party one week and another the next

Elsa had her Camping party and a week later Brooke had a Monster high party

I didn't know a damn thing about the show.  I ended up watching short clips of it on Youtube just to gather some basic knowledge of it.  The Boy would come home from work and I was always watching Monster High....he was convinced I was enjoying it too much

Anywho....we made some cool decorations

One of the most recognizable things about Monster High is what they refer to as the "Skullette"

We decided to make a few on our own.  We found the image on the internet and projected it onto the wall.  This way we could trace it onto foam board

Then painted them with acrylic paints

We also did the Monster High school logo just like this

I bought some stickers to give Brooke as part of her gift and ended up using them as inspiration to make some more decorations

Each heart represented a character

While I was watching videos I saw these penants

So I of course made knock offs

We mixed our DIY decorations with some store bought and some ones from the party store

Balloons on the garage in a "6"

Streamers in the cut out

And that's a Monster High party for ya!


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