Monday, April 1, 2013

Disney Easter Eggs

And no...I'm not referring to the hidden finds in the movies...which are also called "easter eggs"

I mean the actual from a chicken eggs...and dye....and crayons....and stufffff

The last 3 weeks have been so insane.  We have been to multiple ER and vet visits for our furry little love which resulted in little Momo getting surgery last needless to say last week was chaotic and intense.  

This mass chaos and stress resulted in no Easter spirit eggs and no baskets.  I thought it wouldn't effect me as much as it did.  I think because I have ALWAYS made The Boy an Easter basket.  We started dating right around Easter and after our 2nd date I made him a basket....the same one we still use.  So I guess the whole Easter basket has a deeper meaning for me

Anyways.....Last night (easter night) after work I just couldn't bare the thought of not doing anything so I set up a "day date" for use to have a nice lunch and dye eggs together

Of course being the Disney Peeps that we are...a Disney theme quickly came to be

We have.........

(cue Disney intro music)

Like my fancy shmancy egg holders? Cut up toilet paper rolls.  As you can see we have big budgets over here at The Busy Broad.  

Woody and the Alien (making stripes on and egg is harder than I ever imagined...just an FYI)

Marie, Mike Wazowski, and an abstract Snow White

Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Cheshire Cat

Remy in his chef, and Eva (or Eve)

As you can see some are dyed and colored and some are just colored.  Of course you can get a much cleaner look using markers but we wanted to go old school just like our childhood where only crayons and food coloring were your mediums

It's worth noting that I also made a Mater, Aurora, Minnie, and Cinderella but they looked like ass so I didn't think they were worth taking pictures.  They will be egg salad before you know it 

Not Disney related but we also did Batman and our little Momo...eyes all pinchy like when she's sleeping

It was alot of fun....I'm already thinking of new characters for next year.  Like why didn't I think of Flounder?  And I need to come up with a better princess strategy....I have 363 days or so to figure it all out

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  1. SO cute! I love Disney too, what a creative way to decorate your eggs. They turned out great!