Monday, April 22, 2013

Introducing.....MoMo Mondays!

Anybody who knows me in real life or merely follows me on Facebook or Instagram could tell you that I am obsessed with my cat.  Yes.....obsessed.  

It occurred to me just this past weekend that it almost seems wrong how I haven't incorporated Mo into the blogging portion of my life.  She's a part of every other aspect of my life so I decided it was time to dedicate some posts all to her.  To give the blogging world a glimpse into the love that is MoMo  

I will be calling these posts "MoMo Mondays" (if somehow you hadn't already figured that our from the title.)

They will be short stories, pictures, and perhaps maybe a video or two that I hope will make you chuckle or smile.....and give me another social media outlet to brag about how dang cute she is.  

First Up....MoMo versus the Real Housewives

A few months ago I spent my entire day watching a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills marathon.  I only moved to pee.  Basically I was a large sack of useless.  At one point I noticed I couldn't hear anything and as I looked up at the TV I saw the volume bar working its way down

I looked at the other end of the couch where the remote was and there she was standing on the remote turning down the volume.   MoMo had spoken.  As I fumbled around looking for my phone to take a picture she sat down....but she never took her paw off the remote

She means business man.  You can see it in her face....Mo was pissed!  She was like "Damn it Mama pay attention to me!  Enough with these "catty" broads!" 

I love how her paw is perfectly positioned....almost as if she is threatening to hit the power button

Needless to say I turned off the TV and gave her an intense chin scratching session.  I also gained a little more respect for her that day.....she gets what she wants. 


  1. Love MoMo. she knows what she wants!

    1. Yes... she certainly is a trip haha