Friday, April 12, 2013

DIY Dr. Who Inspired Fez Nipple Tassels

If I haven't mentioned husband is a nerd.  But I think most wives think their husbands are kind of a nerd...right?  

He is majorly into Dr. Who and so are all of his friends.  One of his best friends, Dale, is getting married in a week  (woo hoo!) And he is also a huge fan of the Doctor

I mentioned in passing once when we were all hanging out that I should make nipple tassels that look like a Fez because fez's have tassels and Dale was the only who laughed....

I appreciated his pitty chuckle so much I knew I had to make his fiancee some DIY fez nipple tassels to honor his love for the show

This was new territory for me.  There aren't exactly dozens of fez nipple tassel tutorials to choose from.  So I got the basic idea of how to make the regular ones and went from there 

Here's what I came up with

I needed something that was shaped like a fez.  These little food cups were perfect.  They are the kind that dressings and stuff come in, only the bigger ones

Painted them red and poked holes in the top

Then I hot glued on red sequin decorative trim

Just keep making your way around until the whole thing is covered

I bought these out of date graduation tassels for .50 at Dollar Tree.  Pulled of the year and cut of some of the metal top so it wasn't as long.  Stick in through the hole you made on top and hot glue in place

Now for the nipple area.  Cut a circle out of red craft foam.  You could be more exact than me and measure it, but I winged it and just found a cup that was slightly larger than little "fez" we just made

Cut a triangle out of the circle

Using  hot glue those bring these two points together to create a cone shape.  This is what will make it fit your nipple well

This is why you need the circle you started with to be bigger.  Once you cut out the pie piece and glue it, it will be smaller.  You want it to be the right size so that you can then glue this entire thing into the fez cup and not be too big or too small.  Like I said, I winged it and it worked out to be the correct size

And there you have DIY Fez nipple tassels!


And because the Doctor always wears a bow tie I got a matching one to complete the ensemble

Seeing his woman in nothing but this would get any "Whovian" all hot and bothered

Before I wrapped them up I had to take a picture of me demonstrating the fact that they really do fit well over your nipple region.................................

 Don't worry.  I'm fully clothed in these pictures. ;)  After all....I do want my readers to come back don't I?

I hope I don't make that face often.  Is that supposed to be my "naughty" face??   If it is....that's pretty unfortunate.  Poor hubby

I have little experience with nipple tassels.  Correction...NO experience with nipple tassels.  In fact I even had to look up how you would even go about sticking these suckers on.  I read that eye lash adhesive is good so I included a few tubes in with the gift.  

It's up to them which one of them wears it lol  If Dale wants to take them for a spin I won't judge ;) 

There ya have it folks.  I'm no Dr. Who expert but hopefully I have delivered in the form of Doctor themed nipple wear

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