Monday, April 29, 2013

MoMo Monday Week #2

So here's the thing about MoMo....whenever she is laying anywhere in the house and you merely walk past her she makes this sort of "burrrughp" sound  (that's the best I could do at trying to type it out) It's like her way of saying  "huh?"

The point being she makes plenty of noise when she's out in the open....but when I'm looking for her she doesn't make a damn peep!

She has sent me into mass hysteria many times.  One time for example, I was looking for her for over 45 minutes when I got home from work.  Walking from room to room calling her name over and over....not a sound.  This was at a time when she was mostly indoor but I left the doggy door open so she could get out if she really wanted to (doggy door is now covered) 

I had visions of her laying dead in the road. I even got a flashlight and walked up and down my street looking for sign of her anywhere.

Turns out she was laying in our hamper....and I had checked our closet at least 3 times.  I  swear she does it on purpose....she would normally barely have to move for her collar to jingle and I would hear it.  I'm convinced she does it on purpose to mess with me.  She can sense when I'm in a panic and all of the sudden she becomes a mute who sits like a stone.

Anyway....we had another one of these little incidents.  The Boy and I tore the house apart looking for her.  I had checked under the bed multiple times when I finally noticed this lump....

Apparently, she found a gap where the fabric was stapled to the box spring and crawled in creating her own little kitty hammock

It became her favorite spot for quite some time.  To coax her out I would bring food and her little sniffer would get going and slowly she would crawl out...typical right?  Well not this time....and I'm SOOOO glad we got this one on tape

I hope you find this as hilarious as I do.  She got too smart for our shenanigans.  She got her sour cream and she got to stay in her spot...MoMo for the win!

And there's something about the way she gets it too.  She doesn't simply dip her paw....there's sort of a fancy flick of the wrist (paw?)

Oh MoMo....she never fails to make me laugh

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