Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Monster High Gift Wrap

Keeping with our tradition of gift wrap matching the theme of the party....I knew exactly what I wanted to do for Brooke's Monster High gift

I saw that on the show their lockers at the school were shaped like coffins

I had made a coffin box once before for a Halloween party to hold breadsticks so the construction of one was familiar

Draw out the coffin shape for however big you want it and cut out 2 of them.  One will be the base and the other the lid

Starting with the two longest sides, measure them and cut out strips making sure they are tall enough to cover height of your gift.  Hot glue in place

Repeat with all the other sides

Then I painted the whole thing pink and The Boy made the skull lock 

It's fun to do.  In fact I think I'm going to make myself some more sturdy versions of this for Halloween this year to keep year after year.  I'm looking forward to it

Ooooh the crafting mind.  Already planning rojects for holidays that are 7 months away,  It's a sickness I tell you....a sickness!

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