Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Creative Wedding Gift Wrap

So my dream finally came least one dream

I FINALLY got to go to a damn wedding!  Not that I had never been to one before or anything cuz I have....let me explain

I have been married now for a year and a half and all I have been wanting since my wedding was to go to somebody-else's.  Not in a feed me, let me drink booze on your dime, give me cool party favors kind of way (although those are awesome wedding guest denying that!)  But more so in a way that I just wanted to sit back and watch another couples big day

You put SOOOO much time, effort, and money into your own that you come out with such an appreciation for the entire process....down to every little detail that you never would have noticed in your PB (pre-bride) days. sister Kinsey went to 7 weddings in the year after mine.  Yes.... SEVEN!!  Meanwhile I'm over here with a buncha invitations to NOTHING.  So needless to say when our friends got engaged last November I was pretty freakin excited

So combine the fact that I was practically peeing myself over attending this wedding already and my deep, deeeeeeep love for themes and bad ass gift wrap I had to come up with something cool.

I thought it would be funny to make the gift look like a wedding cake since people are always making wedding cakes look like stacked gifts.....see what I did there?

I think the sad part is that I then picked out their gift based off of what would lend itself best to a cake like size and shape.  So the gift wrap came before the actual gift....but hey....whatever works right?

We ended up getting them an enamel dutch oven that they registered for (it made a fabulous bottom tier)  And the top tier was a DIY Photo Coaster set I made.

I wanted the boxes to look like they had frosting piped on them.  So I used my hot glue gun to simulate frosting designs.  Here is the box for the top tier where I just did a simple dot pattern

I didn't take pictures of the bottom box, but I did the same technique making dots and scrolls

As I "piped" all around I had the box laying on its side...of course MoMo had to crawl in and make a house out of it.  (You can see the coasters I made)

The I spray painted both boxes white, glued on ribbon trim, stacked them in place, and glued on some fake flowers

We used bride and groom Pez dispensers as the toppers because our friend Morgan is a Pez collector and he went in on the gift with is.  It was his bright idea to add them on top...kudos to Morgie!

Came out pretty good......except......

I took these boxes from work and in  BIG, BLACK, lettering it said "Heavy walled elbow noodles"  No matter what I matter how many coats of primer I used...I could NOT get that shit to cover

I cropped it out in the above photo.....but this is how it looked

Drove me effin crazy!  Luckily, the groom is a fellow food industry worker (me, groomy, and The Boy all met in culinary school) so he found it pretty amusing

I was one of the first ones there, but I kept my eye on the gift table and as soon as it started to fill up I swooped in and used one of the little boxes to cover it up

Problem solved!

It was a great night.  Two amazing people got hitched, there was good food and good company, and lots and lots laughs

I guess the wait was worth it =)


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