Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday - Leggings and Fedora

Anybody else out there guilty of finding a quick and easy outfit for the season that becomes your season long uniform of sorts?  I hope I'm not the only one.  I definitely had a uniform this summer.....but the funny thing is that it involved 2 pieces that not too long ago I wouldn't have been caught dead in.   What are those things?  Leggings and a hat

I've long admired legging based outfits.  My friend Kelley rocks leggings like no other girl I've ever met. She has all around amazing style anyway but her legging outfits always stuck out to me because I never thought I could get away with wearing them myself.  I bought my first pair about a year ago but it wasn't until this summer that I truly discovered the love that is the legging.  Soooo comfortable and easy.   The only downside is that by the end of the day my butt seriously bad.  Anybody else experience this?  I'm starting to wonder if I should be concerned. But it also happens when I sit in a swimsuit too....maybe an allergy to stretchy shit? lol I think by now most of my family is used to seeing me scratch my butt without shame.  I try to refrain in public though for other peoples sake.

And then there's the case of the hat.  I NEVER wore hats before.  Yet another look I was too self conscious to rock.  I decided to dip my toe and try out a fedora.  I think I like it?  I'm not 100% convinced it's the best look in the world on me but I don't think it's as terrible as I thought it would be all these years.  Our friend Morgan made fun of me for wearing a "Justin Timberlake hat" as he called it.  But I think it's "fedorable".  (See......see what I did there?)

So my go to outfit this summer was a basic T, leggings, a hat, and various shoes

Here are 4 different shoe options

First up is the plain sandal....which until I saw a picture of myself wearing them I never realized how utterly boring it is.  Really does nothing for the outfit at all

Next up...leopard tennies


And lastly, gold sandals

Leggings: Ross
Shirt: Ross
Hat: XI Clothing
Sunglasses: Ross
Black Sandals: Charlotte Russe
Black Wedges: Ross
Leopard Tennies: Walmart
Gold Sandals: Walmart

Which shoe do you like best?  What was your summer uniform?

As you can see yet again I have no accessories....that's the area where I am always lacking!

Oh and just for the fun I thought I would throw in a picture where I am obviously trying to explain to my dearest mother how to take picture on an iphone.   She doesn't mix well with technology


  1. OMG my butt itches too!!!!!! Hahahaha. I thought I was the only one!!!! It’s only with leggings that have more spandex than cotton, drives me crazy!!!!!

    1. Good to know! lol I assumed it was the spandex since it happens to me in swimsuits too

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