Thursday, September 5, 2013

College Sports Wreath

Because we don't have nearly enough wreaths in this house already.  Since there aren't stacks and stacks of them ranging from Easter to Patriotic laying in my craft room until I find a permanent storage area.  Since we have none of that going on here at all.....I had to make another

Actually, I started this wreath a year ago and just never finished it.  I'm kinda bad like that.  So this sucker sat in my craft room for a year before I finally looked at it and thought "You know......maybe I should finish that"   Crazy thought right?

So as you may have read before....The Boy is the lone Wildcat in my family.  Everybody else is Arizona State alumni and he went to The University of AZ.  So as you can imagine there is some intensity in our family during football season.  But my boy sure holds his ground.  Bear down!!!!

Here's a funny picture of The Boy and my brother inlaw both sporting their team hats at a beer festival we went too.  Their caption on the photo was "Beer brings Wildcats and Sun Devils together"  Whatever works I guess!

Last year I made my cardboard wreath form (just a big circle of cardboard because I'm waaaaay to cheap to buy a real wreath form.  Those things are outrageously priced!)  And glued on shiny paper crap.   Then I made my own "A" logo out of craft foam and glued it on.  And that's how it sat.....forever....and ever...and ever.  At least until 2 days ago

I decided that instead of just doing football that I would represent basketball and baseball too because he follows multiple college sports.  So this way I can throw this wreath on the door for a big football game or basketball game.

I don't think men are ever super excited about wreaths....but I'm pretty sure this is one The Boy can get behind


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