Tuesday, September 17, 2013

DIY Leopard Trash Can

One of my dear friends from work has had some unfortunate news recently.  She was diagnosed with lung cancer after just having cancer removed from her colon as well.

She has been undergoing some very intense chemotherapy which as you can imagine has made her incredibly sick.

We all pitched in and made her a nice gift basket full of stuff like magazines to read while she is there, sugar free gum and mints for the metallic taste it puts in your mouth, and various socks, slippers, and other useful things to use doing her treatment.  She really loved it

But I felt like I still wanted to giver her something on my own.  Something useful that would also make her laugh....That's when I decided to make her a fabulous looking barf bucket.

Part of the reason I chose to make a barf bucket is because I suffer from emetophobia (read all about it here) and wanted to show some support for her "sickness" because I knew I wouldn't really be able to when the time came.  Unfortunately my emetophobia can make me very standoffish and almost rude when it comes to those sorts of things.   She is aware of this and is always so sweet about it.  She leaves very discreetly and tries to not let on when she is feeling sick....which makes me feel even worse. haha   While I completely appreciate what she is doing for me I feel like an ass that in her time of need she is thinking about me.  Sigh.....

Anywho....so that's the story behind the barf bucket.  And I also figured that if you're gonna yak you might as well do it in style.....right?

So I bought a trash can from the dollar store and covered the entire thing in leopard duct tape.....that's it! Super easy but makes it super cute

Sorry in advance for the crappy pictures.  It wasn't until I was out the door and on my way to work that I remembered I hadn't taken any pictures.  The door was already locked and I didn't have time to do a fancy set up or I would be late....so you get a picture of it in my rocks

And on my car seat

She absolutely loved it!  I told her I hoped she didn't need to use it much but that it was there just in case.  She said that she is a realist and knows she will.....so at least if she does need to she has something cute

I think this would be a great gift for anybody going through chemo....or maybe even a pregnant friend with morning sickness.  Throwing up sucks but why not show some support right?

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