Tuesday, September 10, 2013

DIY Blinged Out Flask

About a month ago my husbands grandma turned 80.  Which of course meant a huge party with the whole family.  No wait....my bad....it's a big Mexican family so I guess it qualified as a "fiesta."  After all there was a mariachi band and brightly colored cake that dyed my tongue green for the rest of the night   (anyone ever notice how all the cakes in Mexican bakeries are BRIGHT AS HELL!?!? They certainly don't shy away from color)

When we got the official memo that it was BYOB I was already 2 steps ahead.  I figured this was the perfect excuse for me to bling out a flask for myself.  I already had a bunch of plain flasks on hand that I had ordered off ebay about 2 years ago.   They were meant for a wedding project that never came to be.....so I was happy to finally put one to use!

It's as simple as you would think it is...just glue and your bling of choice.  I did a mix of clear gems, pink, and pearls.  I would use something like an E6000 glue for a more permanent hold

Glue your little heart out

Here's a picture I snapped at the party.  As you can see I came prepared with my own mini bar....baggy of lime wedges and all

These would make a great birthday gift...or of course the good ole bachelorette gift.  Or even just to give your boozy friend on a Tuesday.  I'm not here to judge.  ;)

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