Monday, September 16, 2013

MoMo Monday Week #20

Crazy pet owner alert

Ever have those days where you look at your pet and you are just so overwhelmed by how much you love them?  I mean of course I love her every second of every single day, but every once and a while it comes at me full force

I look at this little face

and I'm so happy that she is mine.  Funny how a little 7lb bundle of fur can make such an impact on you.  She may never "talk" but she most certainly communicates and has such a little personality.  You always know what this little girl is's written all over her face just like me

I also find it amazing how intuitive pets can be.  How when you are sick or sad they are always right there.  MoMo has gone so far as to stand on me and lick my tears away when I am sad.  Such a little sweetie

Another funny story about her, she doesn't like to make anybody feel left out.  One day The Boy was sitting on the couch and I was sitting on the love seat across the room.  MoMo came running in and passed me without really seeing me.  She ran straight for her daddy to give him some loving licks and head bumps.   At one point she turned and saw me sitting there.  She immediately jumped down and ran over to me to do the same.  It's as if she was making sure things were even lol   She ran back and forth between us for a few minutes.   Such a thoughtful little feline.  Things like that will make me never understand people who just think of pets as animals....they are family!

I love my little baby


  1. I think all nice pet owners really love their pets and they are part of the family. We have lots of pets and our 5 dogs all want cuddles at the same time. I don't have enough hands.But I make sure they get the same attention...

    1. Nothing quite like the love of a pet....and sounds like you get a big dose of it 5 times over haha