Tuesday, January 14, 2014

DIY Jane Austen Shirt

Slowly but surely I've been going through some of the pictures on my computer....which is like a crap ton.  I keep finding all sorts of stuff I intended to blog and never got around to...like these pictures.  This project was a Christmas gift for my mom.  No....not this past Christmas.....like 2012 Christmas.  So yea.....I'm behind

It was just a few days before Christmas and I wanted to give my mom one more gift.  It couldn't be expensive....I had already spent the majority of my budget.  Like it needed to cost me $10 or less kind of thing.  A light bulb went off and I knew I had to make her something Jane Austen.  

She watches the movies based on her books over and over and OVER.  You'll be like...."Mom....you just watched this twice yesterday"......and she's all "Yea but this time I have the subtitles on so I catch every word."  Yep.....that's her

Thinking I was all cool and super creative I thought up the idea of a "Jane Austen Is My Homegirl" shirt.   Stemming from the fad a few years back with all the "Jesus Is My Homeboy" shirts.  Which looking back I realize was more than just a few years ago.....a few would have been 2011 and it's definitely been longer than that.  But I stand by the fact that once you are out of school or don't have kids with school years to break the time up.....the years just run together and feel the same....am I right?  Or is it just me?

Anyways I think I'm hilarious and creative over here and then I decided to google the phrase and whadaya know...it's already a thing.  Yea....so I'm not as original as I thought I was.  This sort of thing happens to me all the time but I'm just starting to think that with the trillions of people in this world there's just no such thing as original anyway anymore.  I'm going to go with that logic.

Good news was there were no shirts... just bags and such (at least at the time) So I perked up and went about making her a shirt.

I bought a plain black long sleeved shirt and dug through my stash and found some basic iron on letters.  A freezer paper stencil or one using a cutting machine if you have one would be great too but this made it super easy on me for just a few days before Christmas

Iron those babies on and you are set to go

And she loves it and rocks it like the champ that she is

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