Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wardrobe Wednesday- Leopard Scarf and Wedge Ankle Boots

Sisters are great...I have 3.  You know why they're so great?  Besides the fact that they're your built in best friends and you love them and crap....they're great for sharing clothes!

My sister Kinsey and I shared a TON of stuff going into our teenage years.  We only get to share select actual CLOTHES because she is tall and skinny and let's face it.....I am neither of those things.  We could only share some shirts because she would wear them loose and then I would wear the same shirt but tight.  For about 5 seconds before I became a huge fatty we shared some jeans because what she took up in length I took up in the butt haha.  Then....I got fat and she got skinnier and that left us only one thing to!

And man did we ever have a collection!  We were also the same size as our other sister above us so we had a MASSIVE collection.  You almost didn't even stop to think about who actually owned and bought the shoes....they just became communal.  That's why when she moved out a few years ago the shoe situation hit me hard!  Suddenly all my shoes were gone....and my best friend!  That's a rough transition for a girl.

Now that we live apart there's a lot less sharing going on....but we still hit each other up from time to time for jewelry and certain heels for ocassions.  That is until this weekend I text her about her adorable boots she recently bought asking if I could borrow them just for this post.  Like a good big sister she obliged.

Long sleeve shirt: Target
Leopard Scarf: Kohls
Jeans: Charlotte Russe (Refuge)
Boots: Target (Merona)

Aren't they flippin adorable? And so comfy too!  I'm kinda thinking I need a pair for myself...but it might be too late.  I have them sitting out in my living room to give back to her but every single time I pass them I stop, admire, and smile.  Now that's the sign of a good shoe yo!

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