Sunday, January 5, 2014

MoMo Monday- 21st Century Digital Cat

It's no secret that we as a society are hopelessly plugged in.

Between checking Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  To watching hours of Youtube videos, making your way through every TV series on Netflix, and falling asleep with your Iphone in hand because instead of reading before bed you lulled yourself to sleep pinning on Pinterest.

These days six year olds own Ipods that are just a step away from being actual phones.  They know how to text, search the web, and facetime.  When I was their age I was playing Load Runner on the computer and got excited over my bubble gum beeper.....times are a changin.

I think this book that parodies both the book "Good Night Moon" and our ridiculously tech filled lives is hilarious.  Even funnier to me is that it says the author is "Ann Droyd."   Get it?  Android?  Bahahahaha!  I love it

I'm totally guilty of this too though with my own child.  Even if she is a furry.  She loves to play games on the Ipad.  I downloaded an App made by Friskies that is a game where fish swim in and out of the water for them to paw at

MoMo loves it!

What can I say....she's a 21st Century Digital Cat

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