Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bullet Proof Coffee Flavor Variations

If you live a low carb or Paleo lifestyle there is a good chance you have heard of bullet proof coffee already

If you haven't, I'll give you the basics:

It's coffee blended with grass fed butter and MTC oil.....but I use coconut oil because I'm cheap

While this sounds completely nuts to the average American (simply because we have this false idea of eating low fat as being healthy drilled into our heads) a low carb or Paleo lifestyle promotes high quality healthy fats as vital part of your diet

I had been eating low carb for about a year and a half  when I knew I needed to up my fat intake....this was the perfect way to do it

Go to  The Bullet Proof Executive website to read more details from the master himself

Just a forewarning though....the first couple days you may be a hot mess.  At least I was.  It gives you CRAZY energy thus the "bullet proof" name.....but those first couple days I was far from it

I think it may have been magnified by the fact that if I go any extended length of time without drinking caffeine and have it again it's as if I'm having it for the first time ever and my body has a really shaky, cracked out, tweaker reaction.  Prior to drinking bullet proof coffee I was never an every morning coffee drinking kinda gal at all....and I had recently cut sodas out so I hadn't had caffeine in quite some time

Also, I have a fairly labor intensive job with alot of repetitive motion and walking in circles (I cook) so if I am even the slightest bit nauseated the motion only makes it worse

Moral of this story is if you think you might be prone to a bad reaction the first few days, I highly suggest trying it out on a more low key day....maybe even your day off from work.  That way you can veg out if needed.  I was practically holding back heaves at work in a hot and humid kitchen......not fun at all

But after I got over the ick of the first 2 days I felt AMAZING!  And I'm not kidding.  I had such a boost of energy and it keeps me full and satisfied until my lunch break.....and I'm incorporating healthy fats into my diet that would up my metabolism for the whole day.....winning!  Now I can't start my morning without it.  

Here are 2 flavors I do to switch it up.....but coffee is a blank canvas anway

First up is cinnamon 

Add in your desired amount of butter and coconut oil (I use 2 TB of each) and about 1 tsp. of cinnamon.   I also add in a splash of Mexican vanilla.  You can also add Stevia if you like more sweetness

Blend it up....I keep an immersion blender out on my counter

The butter and oil create a nice creamy foam on top....almost like a cappuccino


Next is chocolate....or I guess Mocha in the coffee world

 I put in a little less than a tablespoon....which does add 1 carb.  But I don't think that one carb is a big deal when you realize how delicious it makes it.  I also add vanilla to this and sometimes Stevia

Here's proof that coffee can be delicious without high sugar coffee creamers....and it be healthy for you too!





  1. I still haven't tried the cocoa powder so I am going to do it tomorrow morning ... Time to mix things up

  2. coffee this way is incredible thank you so much

  3. mmmm. I need to try with chocolate

  4. Thanks for the recipe, I will give this a try, I use coconut oil all the time, I will have to get some grass fed butter, it sounds great!