Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Wardrobe Wednesday- Pullover Sweatshirt and Jeans

I'm back!  Didn't seem much point in posting on Christmas for Wardrobe Wednesday but I'm back at it again today.  This weeks outfit is again nothing special and another comfy one....been a lot of those lately.  

I wore this outfit on the Saturday before Christmas when I needed to brave the crowds for a few last presents and stocking stuffers.  I needed to be comfortable and in something I could move in in case I needed to take someone out in case there were some crazy ass shoppers.  I ended up not needing to use an physical force but I did see my 2nd grade teacher....twice!  Two different stores and miles apart from each other....weird right?  She looked exactly the same.  I hope I look different. lol  I totally dipped though....I HATE running into people with a passion.  Doesn't matter who you are

Anyway...on to the outfit

Sweater: Anberlin sweater bought at a show but here's a link to their merch store.  There's so much new stuff I think I must have!!

Shoes: Walmart girls section

Anberlin is one of my favorite bands EVER and we saw them 3 times this year. I got this sweater at the last show we went to in October.  I like that it was old school pullover instead of the usually hoodies you see now days in band merch.  I'm debated cutting off the neck a little to make it looser but I can't decided if I should risk it or not.  I feel like you only do that to cheap or old stuff and this is neither....I think it would make me anxious lol

And one last picture

No I'm not throwing up gang signs...this is their little symbol they use and I felt I just had to rep it with my sweater.  Just had to be done  They used it as their backdrop at the last 2 shows I went to.  I can't quite get my fingers to look that cool though

 I love them and I love this sweatshirt!

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