Monday, January 27, 2014

MoMo Monday- All Doped Up

Last March MoMo had to have surgery to remove a uteran stump.  That whole debacle is another story for another is about her post surgery loopiness

When we finally found a vet willing to move forward with the surgery it was considered sort of emergency.  Not like she was going to die tomorrow emergency...but enough that they were willing to do it that day without being prescheduled.

Now because of it's "emergency" status she had her surgery very late in the day.  Like she came out of surgery around 6:30 pm and I was there to pick her up at 7:30pm.  The normal protocol for surgeries is that you drop off your pet right at opening, they generally perform all of them mid morning to early afternoon, then they hold your pet all day and you pick them up at close. 

The reason they do it this way is so that your pet has plenty of time to "come down" off their anesthesia and other meds.  They warned me that since she didn't get her time to let everything wear off that she might be kinda crazy.  I had no idea what I was in for

At first I thought it would be a good idea to just leave her in her carrier for a while and let her sleep.  After all, that's exactly how it would have gone down in the vets office.  Within in 10 minutes of being home though she got all prison inmate crazy on me.  She was banging her little head on the bars of the carrier. She even started biting the bars! I was so afraid she was going to knock herself out that I opened up the door

Here's the video of that

 As you can see, she was seeing something that the rest of us weren't lol

A few minutes later I took this video of her trying to move around a little more.  Her back legs weren't cooperating too well


It was after this video that things got REALLY bad.  She finally got herself up a little to walk but she would lose control but have so much momentum going that she was literally slipping and sliding all over the damn place and slamming into walls.  I couldn't even keep up with her. It was crazy how quickly she would get up and then lose control and go flying across the room before I could even get to her. Homegirl was high as a kite! I was so afraid she would break something or pop a stitch that I had to take drastic measures....a padded cell

I needed to keep her confined to a small area that she could walk around in but not hurt herself.  So I grabbed all the pillows and blankets and made her a padded cell...errrr...fort.  Yea, fort sounds better!

This was how it started out.  Just a few minutes into it though she was still trying to scale the pillow walls and get out so I had to add even more to deter her

The rest of the night was just me and her in our little fort with me pulling her down off the pillows every five seconds and petting her constantly for about 3 hours until she finally calmed down

Word to the wise....if at all possible don't ever bring your furry child home immediately after surgery.  It sucks.

My poor little doped up baby! 

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  1. Oh poor you and Momo. I love that you built a fort. I 'm so glad the op went well. I hope that she is o.k. now.