Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wardrobe Wednesday- Seattle Seahawks Inspired Outfit

So let me start off by saying I'm not one of those football girls.  Not at all.  In fact I only like football season for the food.  It usually means more get togethers with my family than usual which means more girl time.....and again.....good food!

When it comes to backing a team for a Superbowl I usually just go with whoever The Boy is rooting for, but this year he really didn't care much.  

Superbowl was being held at my sister Kinsey and her fiance Brian's house this year.  He is from Seattle and a diehard Seahawks fan.  I text my sister and offered to bring some leftover blue and green streamers and party decorations I had from a Star Wars party.....I love a theme!  Really I do!  a theme can get me excited about most anything....even things I could really care less about like football.  So I figured if the shindig was being held at a Seahawk househould, and being decorated blue and green.....why not decorate myself blue and green too?

It was the perfect excuses for me to buy myself this cute green and white scarf

Scarf: Walmart
Shirt: Ross
Jeans: Charlotte Russe Refuge
Sandal: Walmart

This was also the very first time I ever got my hair up semi decently into one of those donut bun things thanks to my sister Bree.  I didn't bring enough bobby pins and it started falling out about 5 minutes after these pictures.  I have A LOT of hair.

Maybe next year I'll wear this shirt for Superbowl....seems right up my alley


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