Thursday, February 20, 2014

DIY I Heart My Hubby Shirt

When I was rolling around ideas in my head of what to get my friend Jade for her bridal shower I decided enough people would probably get her lingerie that I would go a different route.  Usually bridal showers are chalk full of the sexy stuff....hers was no different.  She will definitely have her pick of stuff for a while.

Funny thing though is I literally got NONE at my shower a few years back....and that's practically unheard of!  I dug up this picture to prove it.  Not a negligee in sight (I really just wanted excuse to say negligee)

Anyway....I settled on the idea of making her a "I <3 My Hubby Shirt"  I wore one that I had made for the after party on our wedding night and since I'm kind of a sucker for traditions and stuff it seemed appropriate the she have one too.  That's where this text came into play.....

The girl has big knockers.....I had to be sure

 I really wanted hers to look very "I <3 NY" style so I bought a plain black shirt, iron letters, and heart patches. Someday I hope I'll have a cutting machine of some sort so I will be able to make my own stencils or cut out vinyl and do more intricate designs but until then iron ons are my go to


And then I thought I would leave it up to her.  She could either wear it as a regular old T shirt, OR.....she could go for a more cute, casual, sexy thang and wear it to bed with some matching red panties

There's options

And for the record....finding red underwear around Valentines Day is HELL!!  I thought it would be easier....I was wrong

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