Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wardrobe Wednesday- Leopard Flats, Sheer White Blouse & Jeans

It's officially hot as balls already here in the grand old state of Arizona.  My air conditioning is already alot....and it's giving me anxiety. 

I am terrified for what summer has in store for me when it's February and already 88 degrees.  Uggh!

That means it's time for me to start wearing summer clothes....which usually means lots of tank tops and maxi dresses for me....but we have one serious problem.  My arms are still Winter fat.  Like zero muscle tone and actually fat too so tank tops are out of the question.  That means that if I'm going to wear sleeves that they need to be very light and airy to avoid sweat tacos....enter the sheer white top

White top: Ross
Jeans: Charlotte Russe  (Refuge)
Flats: Gifted..not sure
Leather earrings: One Little Belt

What do you think of those earrings? If you follow Wardrobe Wednesday at all you know that jewelry and accessorizing is one of my biggest weaknesses.  I never know how to finish and outfit.  I took the plunge and bought a few pairs of these leather earrings and I am already in love!! For a girl who has worn diamond studs for years on end dangling earrings is a huge step for.  But since these are leather they are super light and I don't even know I'm wearing them.  I even accidentally fell asleep wearing them and had no issues.  I love them and can't wait to wear my other pairs and hopefully become an earrings girl!

On another note...I wrote leopard flats but I think those are technically cheetah...right? Ahh who knows...who cares really?  I think it's just easier to say leopard so I'll just go with that. Maybe I need a trip to the zoo to refresh my animal print skills.  I'm pretty sure I call tortoise shell sunglasses leopard too.....whatevs yo!

AND husband told me I looked "very put together" in this outfit.  I'm trying to decide if that's boy for "old"  Thoughts ladies???  hahaha!

Happy Hump Day!

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