Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wardrobe Wednesday- Casual Valentines Day Outfit

I'm not ready for this 80 degree weather that's headed my way this weekend.  I'm just not!  My arms aren't in shape enough for sleeveless shirts yet (but I'm doing chaturangas daily to try and get there!) I've only been back in tanning mode for 2 weeks so I'm still pasty, and I don't want to stop wearing my cute wintery  (well.....AZ wintery) clothes!

I've fallen deeply in love with scarfs and jackets/blazers and this damn state I live in is not at all.  Seems this past weekend was the last opportunity to wear a scarf and long sleeve without chancing heat stroke.  Faerwell my friends...I'll see you again in November. :(

But for the rest of you that aren't looking at 82 degrees this Valentines's an outfit for you.  A more casual take on the valentines date outfit

White shirt:Target
Jeans: Ross
Scarf: Walmart
Heels: Steve Madden

Just a little tid bit o' info for ya.  Those pink heels are from my 8th grade graduation outfit.  Had them for over 10 years but they have probably only been outside the house maybe 5 times all together.  Most of their mileage came from my clomping around the kitchen as a teenager wishing I had the guts to actually wear them.

They are that pair of shoes that no matter how little I wore them I have refused to donate or sell all these years.  Now that I am finally somewhat "styling" myself I hope I'll wear them more.  I know I would have regretted getting rid of them if I had

Oh....and meet my seesters French Bulldog named Phoebe.  She wanted in on the photo shoot and was in the majority of the pictures.  I didn't crop her out of that one because she is looking at the camera so perfectly! Such a little model

Hope you all are having a great week and Happy Valentines Day! =)


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