Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Bridal Bucket- Everything You Need to Survive Your Wedding Day

So one of my best friends for the last 10 years is getting married (yay!) and this past Saturday was her bridal shower

Last April I had made my friend Tanya a bridal emergency kit but never blogged about it

And I totally had to make one again because I love to put stuff together...baskets, stockings....I love all the crap!  It's my favorite.

This time I actually got a picture of everything I put in it.  The idea is that it has everything she needs for the night before and day of her wedding.  Even all the little "hopefully you won't need this.... but just in case" items all together in one place so she isn't having to take time to hunt for stuff and pack it all up.  Just grab the bucket and go.


*Wet wipes
*Anti puff eye mask
*Hair spray
*Brush and comb 
*Q Tips
*Sleeping pills
*Lint roller
*Manicure set
*Sewing kit
*First aid kit
*Facial massaging brush
*Thick hand cream 
* A hand embroidered handkerchief
* Non slip pads for the bottoms of shoes
*Gel insoles
*Tic Tacs
*Crackers (For when you know you need to eat but you're to nervous for a full meal)
*Tumbler cup
*Orange juice and mini vanilla vodkas- I had vanilla vodka and orange juice the morning of my wedding so I wanted t give them same to her
* Little zipper bags to put things in

The great part is that it's not just for the bride....it's for anyone in the bridal party.  Say the bride never needs the lint roller it but suddenly one of the groomsmen is hit with a lint emergency.  Never fear....just have someone run that lint roller over to the grooms suite and the crisis is averted.  Or if a bridesmaid has a hem coming undone....mini sewing kit to the rescue! The goal of the bucket is to make the day run smoother for everyone. 

Since I love a theme I tried to buy things in the wedding colors whenever possible....but grey and yellow proved to be much harder than I thought it would be.  The purple and yellow basket was pretty easy.  I couldn't even find the same yellow basket I had used before so I ended up just buying a yellow Easter bucket and glued on some grey chip board letters I had and called it the Bridal Bucket

Here's the beautiful bride with her loot

I hope it comes in handy.  At least I know the booze will be put to use ;)


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