Thursday, February 14, 2013

DIY Photo Envelope Liner

I couldn't go through all the work of making the invitations myself and then have average envelopes now could I?

Of course not!

I think photo envelope liners are a cool way to incorporate a picture of the both of you without actually dropping a 4x6 into the envelope

And the picture invitations with the vellum overlay are ok....but I'd seen it a million times and wanted to do something different 

Here's what you do

Find a picture of the two of you that will lend itself well to the shape of your envelope...keeping in mind that you probably don't want anything too close up 

Have the pictures printed out in black and white onto normal everyday computer paper....fancy stuff isn't necessary here.  You want thin paper so it folds easily and won't bulk up the envelope too much

Next you need a template that fits into your envelope

We used my friends Cricut to find one that was the closest match...but it still wasn't spot on

Envelopes vary alot...some come to a triangular point, some are more squared off, some rounded....etc etc

We found a template on Cricut was close in shape but a bit too long

 We just trimmed the bottom so it would fit inside our envelope nicely

You don't need a cutting machine to do this though, you can make your own template by and by unfolding your envelope and cutting and tracing the insides to make one that fits

Then just move the template around the picture figuring out what part you want to be the cut out

And cut, cut, cut!

Then just glue them into the insides of your envelope

Sorry the picture is so flashy....and it's the only one I could find.  If only I had known back then that I would end up blogging I would have photographed EVERYTHING...and relatively well

Now I know what you're probably thinking....what if your guests are the type pf people who don't "open" envelopes but instead just rip across the top?

I thought of that and I was mentally prepared for that to happen quite a few times

But I figured (in my crazy ass head of mine)  That if they did do that, they would soon realize the mistake they made and feel like a huge asshole for ruining my hard work =)

I joke I joke, I kid I kid!

Sorta. ;)

But did happen.  A coworker of mines husband opened it the wrong way and once he saw what he had done he panicked and taped it all back together nicely

When she got home and saw it n the counter he explained what he did and was super apologetic  about it....which I find quite amusing

But I figured even if they did open it wrong the effort still wouldn't go unnoticed and they would see how it was meant to be....which they it's all good

I got countless compliments on them and I'm so happy I did it. I'm all about small touches and details and this was one the guests got to see before the wedding even started!

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