Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lost Inspired Gift Wrap

I have never once received flowers from The Boy on Valentines Day and probably never will

Instead of getting them on the most popular day of the year he gets me "Happy New Year" flowers....or a "Just cuz it's Tuesday" bouquet.....and I like it that

Instead I'm lucky that I get something far more creative....like last year I got a "Whitneys Sampler" box.....get it?

Instead of Wittmans?

I know....he's kind of funny and stuff

And again like last year he gave me an assortment of small goodies...cuz that's what I like!  I'm not the type of girl who expects jewlery or Coach purses....nope

I like these little boxes of random stuff because they remind me of stockings....my most favorite part of Xmas EVER!

This years theme however was.......


I know all the true Losties out there can appreciate this.  The show may have ended in 2010...but the show never dies in the heart of a true fan

He made all my gifts look like Dharma drops....

Do you like how he drew on it to look like the package was stamped?  I thought that was so clever!

Here was some of the contents...but there was more

To make it sound all  "Dharma-like" everything had to have a very generic name like "Blu-Ray Disc"  (it couldn't be Peter Pan) and "electrolyte beverage"  

And of course he couldn't leave out our beautiful daughter.  She may be a cat but she still gets Valentines presents from her daddy...so she got a little Dharma drop herself

Her feline version included Seafood flavored cat treats, cream cheese, and a string cheese snack

Momo was a very happy girl

And so was I =)


  1. How sweet and really creative. You're got 1 in a million there.

  2. Very clever and sweet. I'd take gifts like that over a dozen roses any day. Quite a man you've got there!