Friday, February 15, 2013

DIY Wedding Aisle Runner

Here is a project I completely shoved onto my dear seester Kinsey....who was my maid of honor.  Or my "MOH" (Mo) as we referred to her as

A personalized monogrammed aisle runner was one of the first things I fell in love with very early on in my wedding planning....but it scared the loving bejesus out of me!

I am no artist and I sooooo do not have a steady at all

I'm constantly shaking like a stripper....and that's without coffee.  Add in a cup of jo and just forget about it....I go all Micahel J. Fox

And by that I mean I travel around through time with Christopher Lloyd and I was a wolf as a tenager.....what else would I mean??

Anywho....I gave this project to her.  Whether she was thrilled about it or not she was a good MOH and went with the flow

I bought a aisle runner online (much cheaper than ones in the store)

I had created a monogram in Word that we used for multiple projects and sent it to Kinkos to have it blown up to a size that would fit well across the aisle runner

 I wasn't there for the rest of the process so I don't have pictures but I know what she did

Tape the monogram in place and put the runner on top of it, positioning it where you want it to be.  Trace the monogram lightly onto the runner

Then take out the print from underneath and replace it with wax paper so that when you start painting it doesn't seep through

Then carefully and steady handily paint the letters 

Now here's where there was a problem....apparently she had some issues with something sticking and it caused the runner to rip a little bit

But being the amazing MOH that she is she fixed the problem without ever even letting me know so I wouldn't go into a crazy bride panic attack

And I think her fix was BRILLIANT!  She cut the "S" out of felt and glued it to the runner to cover the hole....I loved it!!

It gave it depth that I thought was really cool and different and made the S really pop

 Pretty cool huh?

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