Wednesday, February 13, 2013

DIY Kangaroo Pocket Style Wedding Invitations

Well.....Wedding Week turned into "Wedding Over 2 Weeks Worth of Crap"

And then I fell off the face of the earth

Shit happens man.....but just know I was dreaming of blogging everyday...I really was

Work has been a real b-iatch lately and it's wearin me out

And not in the typical I'm working a ton of hours kind of way...but in the whole "I can't believe I work here surrounded by these idiots....are freakin you kidding me?,..... Can anyone do their job right?.....can I please stop getting screwed over? bad would it be if I quit my job right here right now?  if anybody says one word to me right now I'm going to lose my shit .....kind of way

Like I am emotionally and mentally exhausted!  That place is killing me.  I go home everyday with a massive headache and it takes everything I  have in me just to make dinner and do my yoga session before I crash my poor blog has suffered

Maybe if my coworkers stopped sucking so bad I'll have a smidgen of energy when I get home....a girl can dream right?

Anyways....after a long hiatus I am bring back Wedding Week!

I still have a few things I want to share with my invitations

I really wanted my ivitations to have a nice handmade feel....I didn't want them to look like the kind you buy at Michael's over in the wedding section that have the two silver hearts that are linked together.....just not my style  (no offense to anybody who used those invitations)

So I ended up making mine completely....I have zero pictures of the process so I don't have a full step by step tutorial for you..sorry!  But I can show you pictures of the finished product and tell you the dimensions I used

I decided on a Kangaroo with a pouch for anybody out there who is confused by this seemingly random reference to zoo animals

We didn't use any tutorials, we just figured it out as we went along based off the size envelopes I bought 

Here's the front with the basic information

And here is the backside that has the pouch with the information card


The card lead them to our wedding website that had more specification information about the location as well as maps, pictures, and introducing the bridal party

The envelopes we bought were 5x7

So we cut our brown cardstock into 5x10 in. long strips

The reason you cut it 3 inches longer is because that 3 inches is what is folded up to create the pocket in the back.  Make sense?

So you measure 3 inches from the bottom and use a boning tool (whether it's a hand held one or the kind that attaches to your paper cutter) to make a clean fold up

Then use glue dots (or something similar) to glue down the edges to create your's that simple!

 For the front I just used my noggin and made the pink mat slightly smaller than the brown, and the white one that was printed on slightly smaller than the pink

Brown: 5x7 (after the pocket part is folded up)
Pink: 4.5x6
White: 4x5.5

Glue it all down and you're done!  I enlisted The Boy and we watched movies and assembled the didn't take that long really.  Way faster than I had imagined

Oh...and I forgot to mention that we created all of the printed items ourself  in Word, then had them printed at Kinkos

We fit 4 of the invitation fronts on a page and 8 information cards

And just to save us time we also had them cut them for us since they can take huge stacks and get them done in seconds as opposed to us doing them all one by one ourselves

I wish I could remember for sure how much I spent on them all together, but I know it was somewhere around $50 or $60...which also includes the photo envelope liners I will be posting about soon ;)

Which if you ask me is a deal for custom invitations that are EXACTLY what you want


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