Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday- Beanie and Leather Jacket

This weeks post is about trying something new again.....a beanie!  I bought a few for cheap to give it a whirl....then maybe I'll get some nicer ones

Beanie: 99c Only
Boyfriend Tee: Target
Jeans: Ross
Boots: Ross

I think I annoyed my husband the day I wore this.  I must have asked him at least 14 times "Can I pull this look off?"  I didn't want to look like I was trying too hard to be a Seattle coffee hipster because that wasn't really my intent....even if it turned out that way

I was going for this

But it didn't quite work out the same.  She pulls it off so perfectly....still looking so feminine.  Being gorgeous doesn't hurt haha

My mother told me I looked like a biker chick.  I told her she was a crazy old woman.....but I think that may have played into my beanie insecurities.....way to go mom! ;)


  1. I think you look great! But the girl in the picture is wearing a looser fitting beanie, maybe try that? Vans have awesome beanies. I’m always stealing my boyfriends because they are loose and don’t squish my head/hair down.

  2. you look wonderful, truly beauty with amazing sense of style !
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