Sunday, December 29, 2013

After Christmas Tips

The gifts have all been given and your house is a disaster  (at least mine is) I'm left with the task of trying to figure out where the hell I'm going to put all this new stuff??  It's time to get things in order and I'm here to least a little.  Here's a few tips for getting through the post Christmas chaos

1. Don't get your lights in a bunch

Much like your panties it's not fun when your Christmas lights get all in a twist.  Last year when I was taking down my lights I wrapped them around cardboard that I cut notches into.  Insert the plugs into the notches to hold it all in place

It made it super easy to decorate this year.  I just plugged them in and unraveled them around the tree.  No long strands to try to hold onto, just walk around the tree with your cardboard

2.  Label and date your gifts

Name and date! Name and date! Do I sound like your 3rd grade teacher? I'm not saying to go writing in the label of that sweater grandma gave you....but if you want to go knock yourself out.  I like to label all my keepsake type gifts with who I got it from and what year.  Especially for things like ornaments and seasonal decor that get packed away and not seen for months at a time.  It can be harder to remember.  And even if I do remember who gave it to me it's nice to see exactly what year it was

3. Save those bags and boxes!

This seemed like an obvious one to me until I realized that not everyone does this.  Why spend the money twice when you can just save what you already have on hand.  And if it's because you think it's borderline hoarding just pack it away with the rest of your Christmas stuff. Out of sight out of mind until next year.  You don't have to save everything....just the boxes that are still in nice shape and uncrinkled bags.  Plus, if you save all the ones you received gifts in it's like getting brand new ones without spending extra money. By doing this I only spend a few bucks a year buying boxes and gift bags

4.  Use up those candy canes

There always seems to be an excess of candy canes after Christmas that somehow sit around for months on end.  Here's a delicious recipe that my family always makes that will solve that problem 

Peppermint Frappe

5. Put away those seasonal mugs and cups

I pack away all my Christmas mugs, plates, cups, hand towels, etc with all the other decorations.  Not only will it save tons of space in your cabinet all year long but it will keep them novel, especially if you have kids.  The novelty of these items sort of wear off when you're drinking out of a Rudolph cup in June.  Packing it away will make it exciting when you get to use them again

6.  Organize NOW for next year

Nothing puts a damper on your Christmas decorating then being part way through decorating the tree and realizing you need another string of lights.  Or having everything thrown into boxes with no rhyme or reason to slow you down.  Replace those lights now or at least make notes of what you need so you'll be able to take care of it as soon as you get started next year.  Keep your boxes of decorations as organized as possible.  All the outside decorations in one box, lights in one, ornaments, inside decorations, or even broken down by room to room if you decorate the same way every year.  I know it's tempting to just throw everything in a box when you just want it done and back to normal but you will be glad next year when you bring it all back out

7. Stock up!

Everyone knows after Christmas sales can be great.  It's the perfect time to get new plastic storage bins, ornament hooks, lights, a new tree, or ornaments at a great discount.  The selection may not be as great but you'll be ready to go

There ya have it!  Just a few things to keep you organized and get you through the after Christmas chaos and transition you into the new year

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  1. I brought new plastic boxes last year to put all my decorations safely in. I to wrap my lights on cardboard. And I have a large drawer in my dresser where I keep wrapping paper cards, ribbons bags etc. It has saved me pounds. I have already picked up some Christmas cards in the sales for next year, so in the drawer they go.