Thursday, December 12, 2013

Kids Christmas Sleepover Party

For a couple of years now I have been dreaming of having a Christmas extravaganza sleepover with my nieces.  Prior to this year though I worked two weekends a month and you know how quickly those go by in the month of December....not to mention that one weekend is always my birthday weekend so it really only leaves one.

Well, just a few months ago I got the amazing opportunity to get a Mon-Fri schedule with a new  position and jumped at that chance.  That means this year would finally be the year for the festivities I had been dreaming of!

Let's get started......

The first thing I did was save the date with their parents in like....September lol.  Maybe I was a little eager beaver but I know that month is hectic for everyone and the schedule fills up fast.  Then, about 2 weeks before I sent out official invitations

Sure I could have just called them and invited them, but what kid doesn't love getting mail?

 I put together a package of "Sleepover essentials" that I wrapped up as gifts for them to open upon arrival.  Each kiddo got a mug for cocoa, a Christmas plate, an apron for crafts, a snack bucket, a chocolate bar, and a box of gummy lifesavers

See MoMo supervising there?  She just wanted to be a part of things

After a few minutes of play time and loving on the cat, we started our first activity: Snoopy gingerbread doghouses

But first they had to put on their aprons

Then they set to work on their houses

I really liked this particular kit. They each got their own little house and with them being smaller everything was a little easier to handle and faster.  I think if it had been bigger and just one big house and not their own they would have lost interest much sooner

Then it was about tome for some grub! I kept it super simple and made grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup.  A general crowd pleaser for kids and minimal effort on my part.

But I just can't help myself and cut them into Christmas had to be done

While our tummies digested we had a Christmas Tree Scavenger Hunt.  It was such a big hit!  Even more than I expected it to be.  Go HERE to read a full post on it.

They loved it so much we ended up making more "I spy" games using all the Christmas decorations around the house.  It was so much fun!

Then it was time for present making.  I bought some really cool mason jar mugs with straws at 99c Only and a bunch of enamel acrylic paints.  I gave them some brushes and let them have at it

It was late by then and time to start winding down.  I set up a hot chocolate bar with marshmallows, whipped cream, and mini candy canes.  I also put a spread of snack foods for them to create their own movie munch mix.  

Chex mix, peanut M& Ms, popcorn, pretzels....and more

This way they got to use the mug and bucket I gave them.  All set for movie time!

This one ^^ stayed up with me pretty late.  The other two however were out just a few minutes into A Charlie Brown Christmas.  Around midnight (yep...midnight) we finally called it quits

In the morning I made pancakes for breakfast with some subtle Christmas sprinkles for extra jolliness

Last but not least, before their parents came to pick them up we wrapped the mugs they painted.  I had baked and cooled them the night before to set the paint

We went through an obscene amount of tape but I really wanted to give them free rein when it came to the wrapping.  I think it's cuter that way ;)

Well that's the extent of the sleepover.  They had a lot of fun and so did I. Although I did need a 2 hour nap after they left....but it's all good!

Merry Christmas!

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  1. You’re seriously the BEST AUNT EVER. I’m gonna have to try something like this with my nieces :)