Sunday, June 16, 2013

Pesto Crescent Bites

I went to a baby shower back in September

There were mountains of delicious food everywhere....but I was pretty much eating only one thing

These delicious little crescent bites that I could not get enough of.  I think I almost polished off the entire tray hit the point of embarrassing but they were like baby shower crack man!

When I asked what was in them I was surprised at how simple it was....just store bought crescent dough and pesto

So simple yet sooooooo delicious!

I couldn't get these delicious little things out of my head so when Thanksgiving rolled around I had to make them for our appetizer spread

I originally intended to make my own pesto, but when I saw that I could buy an entire jar of the premade stuff for less than I could buy one of those little plastic packs of just the fresh basil....not even including all the other ingredients....I decided store bought it is.  The price of herbs is pretty ridic!

I don't have any pictures of the process of me making them but it's pretty straight forward.

Just unroll your crescents from the can, spread a little pesto all over the dough, and roll up as you normally would

Since some of the pesto seeped out as I rolled it up I spread some on the top too just so it would all look the same

Bake according the the package directions.  You can keep them whole If you want but I cut them in half to be more bite sized

 I promise everyone will love my suggestion is to make alot =)


  1. They look really nice. I will give them a try. Thanks.

  2. Whitney, so glad you stopped by to add these to the snack table. Cheers