Thursday, June 13, 2013

DIY Wedding Planning Notebook

Meet my friend Jade

I have known her since my Freshman year of high school.  We also waitressed at the same crappy restaurant (bow ties and dancing included) and then went on to go to Culinary school together 

Here we are at Disneyland

At the beach

And good ole senior prom

She's the friend that I don't get to see often.....but nothing changes.  She's always a text away and there if I never need her.  I love this girl to death!

When I heard the happy news that her boyfriend popped the question I was soooo happy for her! I instantly began thinking of gift ideas. I decided I wanted to give her something that would be useful in the planning process but still cute and thoughtful

So I decided on a wedding planning notebook

They chose yellow and grey as their wedding colors which I LOVE.  In fact, I want that to be our living room colors when we buy a house....but enough about me....back to the bride to be :)

I bought a yellow binder, some scrapbook paper, some cool letters, and some embellishments

Her bad, her child.... is named Daisy and it's also her favorite flower so I had to incorporate them

Inside I put dividers with different planning topics

These topics included: venue, food,  cake, music, ceremony, clothing hair etc, decor, guest list and invitations, flowers, and honeymoon

In the back I put page protectors that she can put behind each divider

In these she can put notes, inspiration pictures, receipts, business cards.....whatever

I got super lucky and found a bunch of grey and yellow notecards and notepads and Michaels.  Perfect for jotting down all your to do lists and notes


Notice MoMo's little foot in the upper right corner?  She kept laying down on top of all the stuffs as I tried to get a picture.  I moved her about 4 times before I gave up and decided that this was as good as it was gonna there her little paw is

I put it all in this cute bag.  I really scored on the yellow and grey stuff!

I haven't had a chance to give it to her yet but I really hope she gets some use out of it all.

And if she's reading this......surprise! lol ;)  

I can't wait for her big day


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