Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Low Carb Spam, Eggs, and "Rice"

I love Spam....let's make that clear

So much in fact that I wrote an award winning poem about it in the second grade least the first line of the poem

And I'm not kidding about the award....I was the district wide contest winner for my grade level.....what now sucka!

Prepare yourself for some poetic genius


I Like Spam and I like to skate
But there are things I really hate
Like hair in the sink and mushy peas
And wet smelly dogs that make me sneeze

I like Saturdays and rainy days
And going to the movies when my dad pays
But most of all I like to sing real loud
And talk on the phone when I'm not allowed

Why Robert Frost is famous and I'm not....I'll never understand


So as you can see....I have a passion for Spam.  I don't care what people say about it.  I don't care that you plop it out of a can....nothing can sway my feelings of love for that salty pink meat.  Nothin!

I've never been to Hawaii....but considering how much they love pineapple and Spam, as do I, I'm sure I would love it  

Oh....and the beautiful weather and scenery couldn't hurt either....but mostly the Spam

But from what I've heard and seen a plate of white rice, Spam, and eggs is a very popular meal

I wanted to recreate it here at home but with a low carb twist

Start by slicing your spam....I like mine kind of thin

And pan fry it until crispy

If you don't like Spam I'm convinced you've just never cooked it right

I paired it with scrambled eggs (with a drizzle of sriracha) and cauliflower rice with loads of butter....because I can

(for those of you who have never made cauliflower rice it's just shredded cauliflower fried in a pan with some chicken stock added to let it steam and cook through)

 It was delicious and exactly what I was craving

I think a low carb lifestyle is easiest to stick to when you find a way to satisfy any cravings you have by reinventing it and making it fit your new eating habits.  It just takes some tweaks and a little thought....but it helps stick to it in the long run

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