Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Gem Flamingo

I have a secret love for flamingos

I think I've always kinda liked them....but a new found love for them is starting to brew inside me

Not only are they my favorite color....but they're just so...sooo.....nerdy?!   There's something awkward about them that I love.  Does that make any sense?

Almost like they're kinda of the underdog and I'm rooting for them.  And they can twist and bend in ways I can only hope I will get to someday with my yoga practice.  I basically strive to be a flamingo.....Ok not really.  But I want to bend like one for sure!

Anywho....I can totally see myself being that crazy old lady with a bunch of flamingos in her yard....I freakin love them!

When I broke the news to The Boy that I wanted to put a flamingo in our yard his response was "Only if it's wearing sunglasses"

So I ran out the next day and bought a cheap one from the dollar store.  I was far too excited and impatient to figure out the whole sunglasses thing....so I decided to go with gems

I just hot glued them all over and.....voila!

A gem covered flamingo

Cheesy as hell?  Yep.

Awesome nonetheless?  Absolutely.

And just so I fulfill The Boy's wishes....I think I might have to go buy another one just to give it some sunglasses.  I wouldn't want my poor hubby to be disappointed now would I?

I think it would have been alot cuter if I had used a faceted type gem instead of these plain ones....but I was overly excited and eager to make one that I didn't care at them time and used what I had on hand

Does that mean I have to make yet another one?  I think so!

Before you know it I will have a whole flock of flamingos in my yard.  Stay tuned for the flamingo fun 


  1. This is the best thing ever!!! HEHE...Bravo for the BLING!

    1. Haha thanks! I would love to add bling to EVERYTHING! lol

  2. My sister has flamingos in her back yard and posts monthly photos on Feb I especially love seeing them in the snow!