Monday, June 10, 2013

MoMo Monday Week #8

Happy National Donut Week!

MoMo is pretty excited about it because she is a big donut fan

When we have an Entenmann's variety box of donuts like this......

MoMo has been known to get caught with her head in the box.  She lifts the top and sticks her head right in almost as if she's under the hood of a car

And what makes it even better is she takes after her mama.  She could choose the powdered, or the chocolate.....but my baby goes right for the classic all time favorite.  Now that's my girl!

But since I don't have much self control when it comes to donuts....They aren't in the house much these days

Back around Thanksgiving I bought donut holes to make some cute acorn desserts with the little girls.  The very next day after I bought them I woke up to find this........

MoMo had punched through the window of the box and licked a donut hole to death!  Apparently, the bitch needed some sugar and couldn't resist the temptation any more.  Silly MoMo!

And here is a picture of us sharing a donut....Lady and the Tramp style

And one of me....mouth full of donut....looking like a big dork and MoMo happy to get it all to herself

Now make MoMo happy and go get yourself a donut.   And maybe one for her too ;)

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