Tuesday, May 21, 2013

DIY Painted Floppy Hat

Last summer I fell in love with the floppy hats at the dollar store.  They seriously seemed almost exactly the same as the ones I've seen that are $10 and up 

Here's the one I made back then

And the tutorial.   In that post you'll see how I said I was tempted to buy a bunch and make a butt load of different designs

Welp.....I did just that.  I bought a bout 5....ok 6.............alright maybe it was 8

And now I'm having fun doing all sorts of fun stuff to them.  This first one I made was inspired by this look that I found at alot of different stores....stripes!

All I did was use acrylic paint to paint on the stripes using the lines on the brim of the hat as my guide 

You really have to sort of push the paint through the holes for even coverage

I just did one black stripe and one white stripe.  I'm debating whether or not I should keep going and paint the entire thing like the example above?   What do you think?   Or should I leave it?   I can't decide!!

Thanks to Elsa for modeling it for me

Can't beat getting a customized hat for around $2.

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