Tuesday, May 7, 2013

X-Ray Tech Graduation Party

My seester Kinsey graduated from X-ray school 2 years ago this month.  Yay for smart successful family members!

Here she is with her boyfriend Brian....he also graduated from the same school 


I have a few pictures I thought I would share despite their terrible quality.  These of course were my pre-blogging  days

I  mostly just wanted to show you a few ideas because at the time when I was doing her little family party....I remember googling ideas and there wasn't much out there.  So maybe this will give you  few ideas. 

I wasn't quite as creative back then as I am now  (that's me...tooting my own horn. Toot toooot!)  I think if I could do it all over again I would have gone CUH-RAY-ZE with the theme....I love me a good them!

But I was a little strapped for cash at the time and in the middle of planning my own wedding.....you know how that goes....kinda takes over your entire life

But here's a few little things I came up with......

I made her a cake to look like an X-ray...

I also bought her this dress offline....seemed fitting, don't ya think?

I studied an actual hand x-ray very carefully to make it look as close as I could.....but I know it's still waaaay off 

Printed out some Xrays offline and taped them to the sliding door so you could see them

 And made some little signs


I don't have any pictures, but I also cut bone shapes out of cardstock, strung them on string, and hung them around like garland

You could also pull out any bone Halloween decorations you have....that would be cool!  I have some now but didn't have any at the time

Another idea that I didn't get to do was to make "Barium" milkshakes.  I intended to buy cups and decorate them to look like the ones in the hospital and serve everyone vanilla milkshakes out of them......but I suck and it didn't happen.  Waaah!

It wasn't much.....but hopefully this will give you some ideas to help plan a graduation bash for the X-ray tech in your life

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