Monday, June 11, 2012

DIY Floppy Summer Hat

Annnnddd......I'm back!

Feels like forever since I've posted.  Over 2 weeks or so. Did you miss me?  (Waves to my one sister Bree) hahaha ;)

I went to Vegas last weekend and you know how that goes.  It took a week for me to get ready and then a week to recover....which equals no energy for posting.

I give major props to those bloggers who keep their shit up to date even when they're on the go.  I'll get there someday...I hope.

So In my preparation for my trip I of course set up crazy expectations in my head.  Luckily, my friend that I was going with is similar.  

We both had visions of ourselves laying poolside on a gorgeous chaise lounge...
 cool refreshing drink in hand....wearing our grandma swimsuits....sitting with one leg flat and and the other with the knee bent so we look like the girls in movies......all with a big floppy hat on. 

 Please tell me other people play out their life expectations like this?  Every single little detail?   Good!  Glad I'm not alone.

So I was in need of a big flippity floppity hat!

I found this hat at the good ole Dollar Tree

 Not bad.....but a little lackluster.  It needed a little sumthin sumthin.

 So at midnight I was hot gluing on some black ribbon I had and a cute black button that I bought at 11PM

 I had to leave my house at 4 AM to make my flight.   Can you tell what kind of person I am?

Yep.  I'm the kind that is up allll night on Xmas even wrapping gifts.  I procrastinate.

But at least I had a cute hat for laying by the hotel pool.


Ya know what the kicker is?  We didn't even end up going to the pool at all. -__-

But that's ok.  I still gained a cute hat.  And I'm sorta fighting the urge to go buy more and make a whole collection.  Different colored ribbon....maybe some flowers or gems...or maybe even paint them!  I could go wild!

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