Tuesday, May 28, 2013

DIY Bling Pet Collar

A few weeks ago it was my MoMo's birthday

You can see the festivities Here

I decided to make her a special occasion collar in honor of the big day

It was super easy and all came together in 20 minutes the night before her birthday (I'm the queen on procrastination) 

I bought a plain pink collar from the dollar store and attached gems and pearls with hot glue

Trying to get a cat to model for you can be a little tough.   She insisted on taking a shower in the middle of the photo shoot.  And not a simple lick the paw, rub the head kind of bath.  No no.  It was the head between the legs kind

This was the best I could get

Here's a side view of her wearing it during her birthday dinner

Now she has a fancy going out collar.  Not that she goes out or anything....but if she did she would be preparedd

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